“It’s not just about you living; you have to try making your world a better place. If I give them good education and everything, tomorrow there will be less crime. They won’t be facing the same thing that their parents are facing. These children have opportunities because they are educated.”says Pushpa.

28 years old Pushpa Basnet, a Nepali female, has been nominated for CNN Heroes Award 2012, for her work with the children of incarcerated parents.

Since 2005, she has assisted more than 100 children of incarcerated parents. She runs a day care program for children under 6 and a residential home, a non government organization, where mostly older children receive education, food, medical care and a chance to live a more normal life. In Nepal, if a woman goes to prison and none of her relatives can care for her children, the children often accompany their mother to prison. Children grow up in the confines of jail cells without access to education, proper nutrition, warm clothing, and medical care.

“To be blunt, they are being punished for a crime despite their obvious innocence,” she said in her webpage.

The CNN website states, when no local guardian is available, an arrested parent often must choose between bringing their children to jail with them. She told to CNN that, “It’s not fair for (these) children to live in the prison because they haven’t done anything wrong and my mission is to make sure no child grows up behind prison walls.

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